From EAG News:

TAMPA, Fla. – A Tampa middle school eliminated a controversial incentive card program for the lunch line amid complaints it’s unfair to academically challenged and misbehaving students who end up eating last.

Students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School earn special cards through academic achievement or by improving their behavior or grades, one of many reasons the school is among the top-rated in the city, Fox 13 reports.

Inevitably, some kids don’t earn cards, so they don’t receive the same incentives as those who do. Aside from homework passes or free admission to sporting events, students who earn cards get priority in the school’s lunch line. But two Wilson eighth graders don’t think it’s fair the “no-card kids” eat last, because many are poor or minority students, so they launched a campaign to kill the program.

“Everyone knows that they’re in line because they got a ‘C.’ Like, it’s not private at all,” Alyssa Croker, one of the student activists, told Fox 13. “And it’s really embarrassing for them, I think.”

Her compadre, Celia Brown, said “no-card kids” end up getting less time to eat than their peers, and that’s a problem because they’re poor and don’t get enough to eat at home.

“We could be putting the kids who need to be eating the most at school and only giving them 10 minutes,” Brown said.

The girls launched a petition that’s currently 33 signatures shy of its goal of 1,000. But two weeks ago, with about 750 supporters, school…

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