From EAG News:

CLIO, Mich. – A Michigan school board will appeal a recent judge’s decision that certain citizens can openly carry firearms into public schools.

School board members with the Clio Area School District voted 6-0 Tuesday to appeal a recent ruling to the Michigan Court of Appeals that centers on a parent’s right to openly carry a pistol into Edgerton Elementary School, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Kenneth Herman sued the district with the help of the advocacy group Michigan Open Carry after he was denied entry into his daughter’s school on multiple occasions while wearing a holstered pistol in plain sight. School officials allege the pistol is a violation of the district’s “gun-free zone,” but state law allows citizens with a concealed pistol permit to carry a gun openly in public schools, WOOD TV reports.

Circuit Court Judge Archie Hayman ruled Monday that Herman was within his rights to carry the weapon, and the district has no authority to stop him.

“I think schools being gun free zones is not a wise idea,” Herman told the television station. “I think having law-abiding armed citizens in there provides some measure of protection that isn’t a glass door that can be broken out.”

Michigan Open Carry president Tom Lambert said the ruling was expected.

“We felt the law was very clear. The judge obviously felt it was very clear, which is why he came out with such a strong ruling so soon in the process,” he said.

Herman told…

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