From EAG News:

ANDOVER, Mass. – Andover High School officials are blaming a state “law” on transgender issues in schools as the reasoning behind a unilateral move to eliminate gender specific prom titles without consulting students, parents or the district school committee.

“I didn’t know anything about it until I read about it on Facebook,” Andover School Committee member Ted Teichert told the Valley Patriot. “Now it’s on the school committee agenda, but the prom already took place. So, I guess my first question is: Why? Why did this happen? Was it because of all the transgender stuff going on at the national level?

“Was it because of a gender issue? How did this come about without committee approval?” he questioned. “Why weren’t we at least notified of the change? If they want to change a policy or anything in the student handbook they have to come before the school committee and they didn’t do that, they just went out on their own.”

Andover High School Principal Phil Conrad told the news site he decided to change the school policy to align with recent guidance on gender non-discrimination issued by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“Because, we wanted to work within the spirit of the law that Department of Education put in when the schools were asked to review their policies and procedures for gender separation and a review of the pedagogical reason for all gender decisions that are being made in the schools,” he said.

Conrad alleges school officials…

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