From EAG News:

ELKO, Nev. – It’s not very surprising that the American Civil Liberties Union is already threatening to sue the Elko school board over its decision last week to deny a transgender girl access to boys restrooms and locker rooms.

“The ACLU plans to contact the Elko school board on Monday to attempt to change the change the board’s decision, and could potentially decide to sue if the decision isn’t altered,” said a Sept. 26 article in the Elko Daily Free Press.

At least one board member, President Thad Ballard, said he would be more than happy to take the issue to court, if necessary.

“They said they will investigate and might press charges, which is funny because the ACLU is not a law enforcement agency,” Ballard told EAGnews. “I expected it. I can’t speak for the board, but my personal position would be to stand our ground and make somebody bear the burden of proving we were wrong.”

The Elko school board made big news last week when it unanimously denied a request from the mother of a 13-year-old transgender girl to use boys restroom and locker room facilities.

Like most school boards around the nation that have faced similar issues, the Elko board checked with its attorney before making its decision.

But unlike many school board attorneys around the nation, the Elko board’s attorney, Richard Barrows, found legal precedent that he believes allowed the school district to deny the transgender girl access to boys facilities.

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