From EAG News:

IMPERIAL, Pa. – Officials in the West Allegheny School District are scrambling to address concerns from middle school parents outraged over a school “Kindness Workshop” that forced students to expose intimate details of their home life.

The workshop involving 285 eighth-graders at West Allegheny Middle School conducted Jan. 12-14 asked students to form a circle, and to step into the circle if specific statements applied to them, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Students were asked if:

“You or someone close to you has been impacted by alcohol or drugs,”

“You or someone close to you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender,”

“You or your family has ever been worried about having enough money,”

“You or someone close to you has been imprisoned,”

“You have one or more parents who did not go to college,”

“You have ever felt expected to live up to society’s portrayal of how girls and boys should act,”

As well as numerous other equally personal questions about their religion and other topics.

“I would never expect a middle school to ask 13-year-old kids if your parents have ever been in jail, if they’re same sex, if they’re having financial issues. Why would my 13-year-old son know any of this?” parent Marie-Noelle Briggs told WPXI.

“All they did was give the bullies more ammunition.”

District officials contend the “Kindness Workshop” was designed to foster better understanding between students, and was based on nationally recognized anti-bullying program. West Allegheny superintendent Jerri Lynn Lippert told the Post-Gazette the district…

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