From ArsTechnica:

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Turns out, if your phone gets stolen, you might be able to negotiate with your mugger. At least that’s a strategy that worked for San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener last Friday night as dusk was falling around 5:30 pm.

The local politician told Ars that he was walking down 16th St. from his home in the Castro towards a nearby BART station. He was waiting for a red light at 16th and Valencia when he stopped to take his iPhone out of his pocket to check his calendar for a brief moment. All of a sudden, a woman, flanked by two men appeared.

“She grabbed the phone out of my hand,” he said.

“And I repeatedly told her I wanted my phone back and then she said if you give me money, we’ll give you your phone back. They initially demanded $500, and I said no, and got it down to $200 and then we got a half a block up, to the Wells Fargo ATM so I could take out money, and I also wanted to get them in front of video.”

With the cash in hand, Wiener wanted the woman to hand over the phone before he…

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