From EAG News:

SAN FRANCISCO – Students at numerous American colleges are studying the apparent racism in the dildo sex toy industry as part of their ethnic, gender or sexuality coursework.

Numerous college news sites are highlighting the questionable content in light of continued student protests across the country about rising tuition rates and overbearing college loan costs.

At San Francisco State University’s College of Ethnic Studies, associate dean Amy Sueyoshi digs into the racist dildo industry with the reading “Little White Lies: Race, Dildos, and American Culture,” a 2001 article by Allison Kavanagh Alavi.

The same reading is used by De Anza College Professor Randy L Claros for his “Human Sexuality” course, as well as Portland State University Professor Matthew Gerath in his “Gender and Sexuality” class, reports.

A “Fact or Fixtion” blog contends Alavi “conducted a content analysis study to either confirm or disprove her hypothesis that black men’s sexuality is represented as hyper sexual and sexually aggressive in the adult novelty industry.

“What she found is a clearly racist discourse that presents black penises and in turn black men’s sexuality as dangerous and even sinful compared to white dildos that were portrayed as sensual and erotic,” according to the site.

“Little White Lies” traced the stereotype of black men with abnormally large penises to the fourteenth century slave trade, and allege Europeans interpreted it as sign of hyper sexuality. Alavi wrote that whites believed their well-endowed black slaves needed “enlightened Christians to help them control their…

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