From EAG News:

An online columnist and mother of a 3-year-old preschooler recently shared a playground experience that would get most parents’ blood boiling.

During a recent visit to a local playground, Emily McCombs’ son collided with a young girl while riding his bicycle, and the girl’s mother called the police to press charges, McCombs wrote on her blog

“I was sitting on a bench, in a spot where I could see the entire circular track the kids scoot and ride their bikes around. When my son didn’t complete his lap in a timely manner, I stood up to look for him and saw him standing with a family including several children. He’s extremely social and often stops to talk and make friends, so I assumed he was just chatting with them,” she wrote.

“A minute or so later I heard him yelling ‘Mommy, Mommy.’ I ran over to find two children sobbing hysterically, a little girl and my son.

“A woman sitting nearby volunteered, ‘I saw the whole thing! They ran into each other. They’re both just scared.’ I gathered my son into my arms and comforted him, telling him it was OK, that it was an accident.

“’I didn’t mean to knock her over,’ he sobbed. He then repeatedly tried to apologize to the little girl and her mother, who ignored him. ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ he sputtered over and over.”

McCombs wrote that she asked the girl’s mother if the child was OK, and learned the girl’s…

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