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A new report suggests the federal government will significantly increase spending on general IT security in the coming years and will drop even more cash for security products and services related to national security and emergency services.

The report, from research firm IDC Government Insights, predicts a 3.2 percent increase in general IT security spending across the federal sector — from $2.3 billion in fiscal 2015 to $2.7 billion by fiscal 2020. The report predicts national security-related IT security will increase more than 9 percent over the same span — from $3.7 billion to $5.7 billion.

The increased spending in the long term is a result of the government’s narrowed focus on cyberattacks and threats from groups like ISIS, as well as an evolution in the way IT security is practiced across the civilian, defense and intelligence sectors, according to the report.  

“Within the U.S. federal government, the very nature of IT security is changing,” Shawn P. McCarthy, research director at IDC Government Insights, wrote in the report. “At a time when security spending is reaching new heights, it’s also apparent that the functions of cybersecurity, physical security, and national defense continue to merge. They are evolving into a tightly coupled market space — to the point where it’s difficult to talk about defense and homeland security without talking about multiple cyber elements.”

The report argues  IT security is undergoing immense change, in part, thanks to the growing, interconnected world of people, objects and infrastructure, known as the Internet of Things.

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