From EAG News:

WILMINGTON, N.C. – A North Carolina school district has banned renowned author Clyde Edgerton from all school buildings after he raised questions about a racial disparity in a Spanish immersion program at his children’s elementary school.

Edgerton told WCQS public radio the issue started last spring, when he noticed that 70 percent of students in the Spanish immersion program at Forest Hills Elementary School were white, despite the fact that only about 44 percent of the school’s students are white.

“There was a principal there when we started out who was using a lottery system, which is required in any partial magnet (school), and that lottery system was dropped” by a new principal, Edgerton said.

“I noticed that there were 37 whites and two blacks in the upcoming kindergarten class, … the class that’s about to finish up,” he said. “I knew, just as a parent in the community, that there were 40 spots available. …

“So I went in in May of 2015 and asked the principal a few questions about the proposal, specifically what was the written policy for getting in this kindergarten program. It was a very sought after program,” he said. “And the answer was there was no written procedure, that it was first-come, first-served.”

Edgerton asked why the school had not advertised the program in minority communities, and “she said because of safety issues, and then she volunteered to me that some black parents didn’t want their kids to take Spanish because – there was…

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