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Merry Christmas, my dear friends. It’s that  time of year again where we put up our favorite prepper gift suggestions. As many of you know all too well, prepping is an investment. As we move toward more longer-term preparedness needs, the items can get more expensive. That said, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to make these investments.

I have always been one that leans toward the more practical gifts, rather than the extravagant. While there are some great online deals to take advantage of, I wanted to share the prepper gifts that I have bought in the last few weeks for my friends and family. Some of these would make excellent stocking stuffers, as well.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas full of joy, peace and love!


Tess’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2015

Water Bricks $166

I bought this gift for my family. In my opinion, you can never have enough ways to store water and these Water Bricks will be a lifesaver when the time comes. We all need long-term storage options for a sustainable water supply, and while I recommend every home have water catchment systems hooked up, not all homes have this capability. Water bricks make an excellent alternative.
Water Bricks are BPA free and FDA approved. As well, if you have plenty of water stored, these containers can also be used for water or foods like rice, beans, or anything you want to keep safe and dry from the elements. As well, if an eight pack of water bricks is too much for you, there are also single containers for $24 you can purchase.

 Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack $70

I bought a few pre-made survival backpacks for family members to have in their vehicles this year. While I am more apt to making my own survival pack, Wise Foods has a nifty emergency bag that seemed close to perfect. I added some extra Mountain House food and a LifeStraw water filter to it – and add a bow; and viola!

This survival pack gives an individual everything they need in order to survive for five days. From survival food to a deck of playing cards to pass the time, this kit has it all. With a shelf life of up to 25 years, this survival kit will be there when you need it.

Ammunition Loader $33

Loading bullets into magazines is time-consuming and can be pain after a while. This ammunition loader will be well received for a Christmas gift and will help make better use of your time. This loader is great because it loads all 9mm Luger, 10mm, .357 Sig, 10mm, .40, and .45ACP cal. single and double stack magazines.

Concealed Carry Jacket $45

Speaking of firearms, if my husband asks, don’t tell him that he’s getting this for Christmas! This fleece jacket keeps you warm and hides your firearm with a built-in conceal plate. The holster fits a variety of firearms. Note: This jacket is designed for right-handed cross-draw only.

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