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Reader Submission: Commenting on Blacklisted News with Social Media and without

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We receive a lot of emails from readers and writers alike.

This one we felt we should share with our readers because one: it dares us to post this for comment, and it addresses the Disqus commenting system we use, and the options to use social media to comment.


Why do you constantly have article slamming all the social media, but then at the same time I cannot comment on these articles because I don’t have social media?!?  Seriously, pick a side.  Side with them, or allow us to comment without logging into social (tracking) media.  Please explain this to me, seems a bit hypocritical. But alas, you more than likely won’t respond, because we all know it’s not about the movement or freedom, it’s about the money.

Typical.  Prove me wrong – post this e-mail on your site and allow folks who cherish freedom and privacy to comment.

Thank you for your time

And our response:

The system we use does allow for you to comment with social media, but it is not a requirement.

When you comment, click the box that says you would prefer to post as a guest.

I have attached a screen shot so you can see what I mean.

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