From Torrent Freak:

Having existed in the file-sharing space for at least a decade, copyright trolling is not a new phenomenon. As regularly reported though, it’s generally BitTorrent users that are targeted.

The IP addresses of torrent users are easily extracted from file-sharing swarms and through a subpoena to their Internet service providers, trolls can unmask sharers’ true identities. That being said, other methods have also been employed.

Earlier this year users of adult torrent site Empornium began receiving cash settlement demands from porn outfit TaylorMadeClips (TMC) but none appeared to have been tracked down by regular means. Empornium later revealed that a moderator account had been compromised and personal details of sharers leaked.

Subsequently, the co-owner of TMC admitted in public that information on alleged pirates had been purchased.

“We paid for a couple email addresses and sent a couple uploaders emails asking that they remove the torrents,” he explained.

“When that didn’t work they offered a list of people who had downloaded our content and I eventually paid for the information on people who had downloaded AND seeded the torrents because we have never had our lawyer contact downloaders, just uploaders.”

Given the way that situation played out, chins will now be scratched in response to the news that users of Pornhub are currently receiving similar threats from TMC.

A tip passed to TorrentFreak by troll monitoring site DieTrollDie indicates that several people who allegedly uploaded TaylorMadeClips content to Pornhub are now receiving demands to settle with the company for thousands…

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