From Blacklistednews:

Columbia, Missouri — Sunday, August 9th marked the one year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. That day would seem appropriate to come together in unity and reflect on the heroics of such an “innocent, but persecuted, officer.”

Wait. . .What?!  

That’s what the Columbia Police Officers Union had to say about Wilson in a post to its Facebook page exactly one year after Brown was gunned down by him. In fact, they led the nation as the only organization calling to commemorate the day officially by renaming it “Darren Wilson Day.”

You know, because #BlueLivesMatterTwiceAsMuch?

Apparently it wasn’t quite sufficient that Wilson was able to retire as a free (and very much alive) former police officer, and though he will go down in historical infamy for killing a teen who didn’t even have a weapon and was following orders when he was shot—now we must throw a party celebrating these heroics, too. Seems legit.

Well, there are, you know, the facts . . . ish. And things.

The Missouri police organization felt so strongly about those, er . . . ok, they felt so strongly about this that they offered support for Wilsonbecause of  “the fact that he was thoroughly investigated . . . and BOTH those investigations found he did NOTHING wrong,” claimed the Facebook post, whose use of all caps clearly means they REALLY meant it.

After all, such investigations are ALWAYS right, no matter how innocent of wrongdoing the cops ALWAYS are in the end.


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