From Blacklistednews:

Bobby Abtahi, an Iranian-American and vice chair of the Dallas Plan Commission, was kicked off of a Virgin America flight because he walked in front of a flight attendant!
Abtahi said that he was boarding a flight from New York’s La Guardia to Dallas when a gate agent pulled him aside and said the crew did not feel comfortable having him on the flight. When he asked why, the gate agent said it was the captain’s decision and went to speak with him.

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When she returned, she told him he wouldn’t be allowed on the flight because he had walked in front of a flight attendant walking in the terminal doors, Abtahi said.

“She said I cut in front of a flight attendant on my way inside the airport and that they didn’t feel comfortable with me on the flight,” he said via text message. “I said if that was the case then I would apologize. She went back on the phone and said I wasn’t allowed on the flight.”

This is and incredible statement about what America has become. The mass-media barely mentioned it and an apathetic public just shrugs their shoulders.

Where’s the outrage? 

A revealing article titled “Are flight attendants on a power trip“? describes how flight attendants bully and threaten passengers with the backing of the airlines and police. Why are flight attendants allowed to bully passengers? Why are flight attendants to act like cops?

All a flight attendant has to do, is inform the pilot they’re pissed at a passenger and the police will be called to forcibly…

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