From EAG News:

SEATTLE, Wash. – Police called in the bomb squad to investigate a grenade left inside a box near a Seattle elementary school.

Construction workers reported a hand grenade inside of a wine box next to a stop sign at the corner of South 168th and 37th Avenue around 8 a.m. Monday morning, King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West told KIRO-TV.

The site is next to McMicken Heights Elementary School, but students are currently off for break.

Experts determined the grenade was real, and started digging a hole near the school and blocking off roads and evacuating homes with the intention of detonating the device in a field, but opted to change course, King 5 reports.

“After they got the x-rays back and really started looking at them, they said it was pretty suspicious looking. It didn’t appear to be just a normal grenade,” West told King 5. “So for the safety of everybody here and of course the buildings in the area, they decided to take it out to a remote location and detonate it.”

SeaTacBlog reports investigators hauled the grenade to Auburn and plan to blow it up there to determine whether or not it was live.

“King County Sheriff’s investigators are trying to figure out how that grenade got there,” King 5 reports. “They’re checking with neighbors (to) see if they saw anything suspicious or if they have surveillance video that could provide clues.”

“Who the hell would have a hand grenade in the first place in less…

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