From NBC4i:

MANSFIELD, Ohio –UPDATE 11:36 p.m. Police will stand down until daylight, according to City of Mansfield Law Director John Spon. They have flooded David Parker’s basement, and believe he may be in a bunker or upstairs.

His gas and electricity have been cut off, Spon said.

A resident of Mansfield fired shots at officers who were trying to coax him out of his home for hours, beginning at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

He repeatedly shot at police officers and SWAT team members throughout the day with bullets that pierced though bulletproof shields and hit the bulletproof van. No officers have reportedly been injured.

Police say a Columbia Gas employee went to the door Monday morning and David Parker, who was in the house, grabbed an automatic rifle and threatened to shoot. The gas company employee called the police, who have been on the scene since. Police are still trying to establish communication with Parker, who is believed to be the only person in the house.

They have blown the front door down and entered with robots, but Parker allegedly shot the robots.

Mansfield Law Director John Spon said Randall is a heavily-armed survivalist. He said it is not known if Parker’s house is booby trapped. It’s believed he may have built a bunker in his basement.

“He’s had a history of some involvement assaults and a few other things,” Spon said. “There’s a question of maybe mental health issues.”

Neighbors close to the house were asked to leave. Some other neighbors, even a block away, have chosen to wait outside, as they don’t feel safe about going home until this is over.

Frank Gonzales and his family live nearby; Gonzales said his family members have tussled with Randall before.

“He’s just really weird,” Gonzales said. “He’s crazy.”

“He walks around this neighborhood like he’s going hiking with a backpack and a knife on his side and he talks to himself.”


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