From Torrent Freak:

During December, all self-respecting search engines produce an overview of the most popular search terms of the past year.

These lists give insight into recent trends, and in 2015 Lamar Odom, Paris and American Sniper were among the top trending searches on Google.

But what about torrent search engines? With billions of searches every year it’s worth taking a look at the most-entered keywords on the dominant file-sharing network.

A few years ago we started the ‘Pirate zeitgeist’ tradition with help from one of the largest torrent sites around. Based on a sample of hundreds of millions of searches, this list should give a decent overview of what people are looking for.

2015’s number one query is the same as last year’s, YIFY the name of the popular movie release group which was forced to shut down in October after a legal threat. This means that its popularity is expected to fade in the new year.

In second place we find NeZu, another popular movie release group that made it into the top 50 for the second year. Interestingly, NeZu’s releases are not wildly popular, which might suggest that this high ranking may have been boosted somehow.

The term 2015, often used to find recent movies, comes in third place, followed by Hindi. Other movie related terms such as 1080p, YIFY 720p and YIFY 1080p show that users are increasingly looking for high quality video.

The first content related search query is Game of Thrones in seventh place. Other popular…

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