Residents in the City of Brotherly Love may have to keep their guns locked up when not in use or risk up to 30 days in jail if city leaders pass an ordinance before them this month.

Proposed in April by Council President Darrell L. Clarke, the measure would mandate that every firearm in the city have a trigger-locking device while guns stored in homes with a minor would have to be further safeguarded. The proposal passed favorably out of committee on June 1.

“Guns and kids do not mix, and adults have a responsibility to make sure guns are safely stored out of the reach of children,” said Clarke in a statement. “There have been way too many tragedies involving children accessing guns and accidentally shooting other children, adults, or themselves. The City of Philadelphia cannot outlaw stupidity, but we can do more to educate the public about safe firearms storage and send the message that senseless negligence involving children will not be tolerated.”

Clarke’s measure, File # 160331, would not only require that all guns in Philadelphia, even those carried, have a trigger lock available, but would also order that firearms stored in homes with someone under 18 years old be unloaded and locked inside a container with the ammunition further secured in a separate container. Violators could receive up to a month in jail as well as a $2,000 fine.

The measure could face legal challenges as it likely oversteps Pennsylvania’s state preemption laws. Further, cities…

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