From Blacklistednews:

A nursery school teacher in Paris has been attacked by a man weilding a box cutter and citing “Islamic State”. 

A French judiciary official said the man claimed to be acting for Isis when he attacked the teacher with a knife as he prepared for classes. 

According to Le Parisien, the man said “It is for Daesh, it is a warning.”

The teacher was alone inside a classroom at the Jean Perrin d’Aubervilliers school at the time of the attack, the BBC reports. Police sources told the broadcaster the teacher was stabbed in the side and in the throat. 

The attack took place at around 7am on Monday in the northern Parisian suburb and the teacher has been taken to hospital but has not suffered life-threatening injuries, according to French media reports. 

The unknown attacker reportedly armed himself with weapons he found in the classroom. He is understood to have been hooded, masked and wearing gloves.

He is currently on the run, reportedly armed with the box cutter and a pair of scissors. The case has been taken over by anti-terror investigators, French media reported. 

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