From EAG News:

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – Tennessee parents continue to voice concerns about lessons on Islam in public schools, most recently during a Johnson City Parent-Teacher Association meeting with state lawmakers.

The meeting Tuesday featured Tennessee state Reps. Matthew Hill and Micah Van Huss, who attended the Educational Forum to receive feedback from parents on education issues and discuss potential legislation for the upcoming legislative session, WYCB reports.

Parents raised issues with state mandated lessons on Islam many feel go far beyond informing students about world history.

Hill acknowledged serious concerns about the curriculum highlighted by parents across the state, and pointed out that the Tennessee Department of Education is set to review the standards earlier than planned as a result, according to the news site.

“Normally social studies standards are reviewed every 6 years, but because of the concerns voiced by parents and teachers across the state, they’re in the second year, and they’re already review the standards four years early,” he said.

Hill said lawmakers are expected to soon vote on legislation introduced by Rep. Sheila Butt that would outlaw lessons with “religious doctrine” until at least 10th grade.

“Hill said right now, he will not support this specific bill because in it, the definition of ‘religious doctrine’ is not well defined,” according to WCYB.

That likely did not sit well with parents and members of the local religious community who have rallied for over a year against the middle school lessons on Islam, the Johnson City…

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