From ArsTechnica:

Niklas Morberg A young American boy is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging his and others’ placement on a government terrorist watchlist.

According to the civil complaint filed in federal court in Virginia on Tuesday, the boy had been given an “SSSS designation indicating that he had been designated as a ‘known or suspected terrorist’” while going through airport security.

Since he was a seven-month-old, Baby Doe, as he is referred to, was subject to “extensive searches,” including rifling through all of his diapers.

Doe, who is now four years old, and is part of an American Muslim family, is one of several American Muslims who are all part of a proposed class-action claim that their constitutional rights have been violated by being placed on the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB). They seek unspecified damages. (The others range in age from 22 to 53.)

The lawsuit, known as Baby Doe v. Piehota, was brought by the Council on American-Islamic Relations Michigan Chapter (CAIR-MI). The case was first reported by The Intercept.

“The terrorism watch lists are premised on the false notion that the government can somehow accurately predict whether an innocent American citizen will commit a crime in the future based…

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