From EAG News:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Parents are speaking out in support of a St. Paul high school teacher targeted by Black Lives Matter, and started a petition to counter the black activist group’s message.

Failed school board candidate turned Black Lives Matter activist Rashad Turner publicly accused Como Park High School teacher Theodore Olson of racism last weekend over two posts Olson made to Facebook about student discipline in the school district.

Turner threatened to gather his Black Lives Matter supporters to “shut down” Como Park High School last if district officials did not agree to immediately terminate the teacher, though Turner canceled those plans after a meeting with district superintendent Valeria Silva last Monday, EAGnews reports.

Two days later, district officials suspended Olson and launched an investigation.

The news of Olson’s suspension came the same day another teacher, Mark Rawlings, was beaten by students when he attempted to intervene in an alleged drug deal gone bad, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

That altercation was caught on video and posted online, and the students were charged with assault.

Rawlings suffered a punch to the eye and chin. He’s the latest victim in what many teachers claim is rampant student misconduct in the district’s classrooms tied to controversial white privilege teacher training and associated “restorative justice” punishments designed to reduce suspensions among black students. Students are no longer held accountable for their misbehavior, and are now creating chaos in the classroom with impunity, teachers contend.

Olson posted to Facebook:

“Anyone care to…

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