From ArsTechnica:

Tom Lohdan

A uniformed Secret Service officer has been charged with sexting who he thought was a 14-year-old girl—and some of the online communications originated from the White House, where he often checked identification at the entrance, according to court records.

The authorities said that Lee Robert Moore, 37, did not know that the teenager he allegedly was texting was actually two undercover Delaware police officers. According to court documents, Moore befriended the officers online using the application “Meet24,” and they later switched to the Kik application.

Lee Robert Moore’s booking photo. The court record (PDF) provides a long list of salacious chats allegedly between Moore, who is married, and the two undercover police officers.

The Secret Service, which is charged with protecting the president and family, has been beset with allegations of sexual shenanigans dating to 2012. That year, for example, more than a dozen agents and officers were implicated for hiring prostitutes while working a presidential trip in South America.

In the Moore case, meanwhile, one alleged Kik message in September showed that the officer became suspicious about getting set up. He didn’t follow his instincts, though. “… Do you know how many fake female profiles are out there, a…

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