Federal agents arrested an Ohio man for selling guns — some of which recovered on their way to Beirut — without a license.

Timothy Cassinger bought and sold hundreds of guns, and invested thousands of dollars in the endeavor from June 2012 to October 2015, says the criminal complaint unsealed Nov. 17.

Court documents detail numerous transactions that Cassinger carried out through private sales, at gun shows and ads posted on the Internet.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was tipped off to Cassinger in September 2014 by Spanish authorities who informed agents that they intercepted 11 guns on their way to Beirut.

After investigating the matter, the ATF learned Cassinger sold the guns through the website Arms List, which hosts gun sales ads posted by private and licensed sellers, to a suspect already being investigated for shipping guns to the Middle East. The suspect had been hiding gun in vehicles aboard cargo containers.

The investigation also revealed that authorities in cities both in and out of Ohio recovered 13 guns that were originally purchased by Cassinger. In November 2014, ATF agents interviewed Cassinger about his gun dealing and informed him of the investigation.

According to federal law, a person who profits through the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms must have a license to do so.

However, Cassinger continued with the transactions, so the ATF issued him a formal warning in January. In the Unlicensed Dealing Warning Letter, the ATF explicitly stated that “continued activity without the required license…

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