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President Obama on Tuesday again called for tighter gun control to help prevent mass shootings like the one that occurred Friday, when a gunman opened fire on an abortion clinic in Colorado Springs.     

“Obviously my heart goes out to the families of those impacted,” Obama told a reporter during a press conference in Paris. “I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings. This just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

The president labeled the tragedy and other mass shootings like it a “regular process of gun homicides” and called on Congress, state legislators and local governments to pass measures preventing the mentally ill or people with violent tendencies from “getting weapons that can magnify the damage that they do.”   

Shorty after the shooting, Obama called for stricter gun measures to curb “the easy accessibility of weapons of war,” CBS News reported.     

Republicans have been blamed for stoking the fire which created the conditions under which the Planned Parenthood shooting occurred.

The gunman, Robert Dear, told authorities “No more baby parts,” as he was being taken into custody, a reported reference to a heavily-edited video released in July by anti-abortion group the Center for Medical Progress falsely suggesting that Planned Parenthood was harvesting fetal tissue for profit.

Dear, 57, is charged with killing three people at the Colorado abortion clinic after a six-hour standoff with police and could receive the death penalty should he be charged with first-degree murder, the judge…

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