From The Washington Times:

The Obama administration is blocking The Washington Times from obtaining detailed information about Syria’s extensive chemical weapons arsenal, which was used to kill thousands of innocents and changed the course of the country’s savage 4-year-old civil war.

Critics within advocacy groups, and within the journalism establishment, have lambasted the administration for its slow, or lack of, responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. Yet in 2009, President Obama pledged to run the most transparent administration in U.S. history and told FOIA administrators to err on the side of releasing data.

The Times has been turned down in its requests under FOIA with the Defense Department’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The agency led the Obama administration’s mission, along with international groups, to remove and destroy Syria’s stocks of ricin, sarin, mustard gas, hydrochloric acid and other components in 2014. It compiled extensive intelligence on what was one of the world’s largest stockpiles.

The Times is interested in the history of Syria’s elaborate chemical weapons industry. It wants to know the role of any third parties, such as rogue scientists or other countries, in producing and/or acquiring chemical weapons components and weaponizing them in bombs and artillery shells.

Iran, for example, has been reported in various news accounts of having some role. The U.S. and Iran now are executing an unsigned agreement to block Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Already, Iran seems to have violated U.N. resolutions barring tests of ballistic missiles.

The Times first asked the Pentagon to provide detailed information on what…

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