The National Rifle Association has launched a dedicated website and enlisted the help of a big name in Nevada politics to help counter a Bloomberg-backed voter referendum on expanded background checks.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group, through their local proxy Nevadans for Background Checks– to which they have pumped more than $3 million — is driving a voter referendum to mandate background checks on all gun transfers that will be Question 1 at the polls this November.

Urging “Vote no on Question 1” through the help of a dedicated website and campaign by the NRA’s Nevadans for Freedom group which the gun rights organization announced this week will be led by well-known political consultant and lobbyist Robert Uithoven.

While he may not be a household name in the state, he is has a reputation as a mover and shaker behind the scenes.

Uithoven helped found Kolesar & Leatham Government Affairs, sits on the board of the Keystone Corporation, a conservative political action organization and is the president of j3 Strategies, a Nevada-based corporation specializing in public affairs advocacy. Uithoven has something of a kingmaker stature to him, managing the campaign for U.S. Rep Jim Gibbons to become governor in 2002 as well the come-from-behind upset for current Nevada Attorney Gen. Adam Laxalt.

“We pulled off one of the most monumental victories in Nevada’s political history and it was done through the development of a thoughtful political plan, focused determination, and steady guidance every step along the way,”…

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