After hearing from a dozen local gun control advocates, the Nashville fair board on Tuesday voted unanimously to halt the traditional gun shows long held at the facility.

The Metro Board of Fair Commissioners voted 3-0 to refuse any new gun shows at their venue and is canceling shows already booked more than 30 days out.

The move was prompted by public testimony from members of the Safe Tennessee Project who displayed images of what they felt were controversial material including items with Confederate flags being sold at the last show while simultaneously attempting to link guns in the possession of felons to the gun shows held at the Nashville Fairgrounds, which is city property.

“I was appalled by some of the merchandise I saw being sold at the show – a show that is billed as being ‘family-friendly,’” said Safe Tennessee Project Policy Director Beth Joslin Roth. “Bumper stickers suggesting that to keep America Free, you should ‘shoot a liberal.’ Confederate flags and items emblazoned with the Confederate flag were everywhere. Everything from rebel flag hats, pocket knives, clocks, t-shirts, and firearm accessories were for sale. Possibly the most offensive was a t-shirt with a large Confederate flag and the words ‘Defending Freedom since 1861.’ Exactly whose freedom are they talking about? ”

Further, as reported by The Tennessean, the group had Assistant District Attorney Jenny Charles in tow, who cited three cases in which guns either bought at the show were used in crime or were…

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