From EAG News:

MARLBOROUGH, N.H. – The people who bring Christmas joy to the children of Marlborough, New Hampshire are not going to be dissuaded by the politically-correct Grinches in their local school administrative office.

Every year, American Legion Post #24 of Marlborough, along with the local Lions Club, stage a public Christmas tree lighting in front of the community building in the center of their town.

The event always attracts many parents and children, who are treated to gifts from Santa and Mrs. Claus, along with doughnuts and hot chocolate.

To get the word out about the lighting every year, the American Legion posts fliers in local schools. They have to receive permission from the superintendent’s office, but that was always a formality … until this year.

John Fletcher, commander of the American Legion post, said he recently received a letter from Rob Malay, the new superintendent of School Administrative Unit 29, saying the fliers for the Christmas tree lighting could not go up this year unless the word “Christmas” was removed and replaced with another word, like “holiday.”

Fletcher refused to use the word “holiday,” because, as he put it, “It’s a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree.” He compromised and removed “Christmas” from the fliers, so the children would know about the tree lighting, which will go on as scheduled on Dec. 6.

But Fletcher is not happy about the changes to the fliers. He wrote a letter to the local newspaper, expressing his disappointment in the…

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