Attempts by state Democrats to overturn New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of two anti-gun measures flopped, again.

The bipartisan legislation, a senate bill to add red tape those seeking to clear certain mental health records for the restoration of gun rights and one from the Assembly to increase mandatory surrenders of guns after domestic violence allegations, were both rejected by the Republican governor earlier this year.

In both cases, only four GOP members crossed the aisle Thursday and voted with Assembly democrats, leaving the efforts three votes shy of the 54 needed to succeed.

“I’m not discouraged or disappointed for us, I’m discouraged and disappointed for the people of New Jersey,” said Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, D-Camden. “I will be, and I think everyone in this house will be, devastated if a tragedy happens in New Jersey like happened out in California. And what we’ve learned is it can happen anywhere. They happen every day now.”

The rejected domestic violence bill, A4218, went after the guns of those who have a protective order against them by requiring the surrender or sale of the accused attacker’s firearms within 48 hours. Although the legislation allowed for gun dealers to hold the weapons until the order was rescinded or the case resolved, the dealer was only given 10 days to pick up the guns from police. Should the gun owner not surrender their firearms, they would be subject to arrest.

Further, the proposal authorized judges to grant searches of…

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