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The NBA is calling for an end to gun violence. The basketball association is teaming up with Everytown for Gun Safety to release a series of public service announcements to be televised during games on Christmas Day, the New York Times reported.

The TV spots focus on victims of gun violence, who recount their stories along with NBA players who bring their own unique perspectives.

“My parents used to say, ‘A bullet doesn’t have a name on it,’” Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul says in the ad.

The Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry mentions hearing about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl.

“My daughter Riley’s that age,” Curry says.

Also featured in the videos are Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks, Joakim Noah on the Chicago Bulls and other gun violence survivors in the Everytown Survivor Network.

“We’re Americans. We don’t have to live like this,” says Richard Martinez, who in the video is holding up a poster-sized photo of his son, Christopher Michaels-Martinez, who was killed by a deranged 22-year-old gunman in Isla Vista, California.

The first ad ends with several people chanting the mantra “In the United States, 88 people die from gun violence every day,” and a voice says “We can end gun violence” over the Everytown and NBA logos.

Everytown bankrolled the ads and partnered with filmmaker Spike Lee to direct them. The initiative is part of the “End Gun Violence” campaign.

The NBA told the Times its support…

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