From AllGov:

Among the millions of American Muslims having to endure hate speech directed at those of their faith are those serving in the U.S. military.

The Washington Post interviewed several current and former soldiers who follow Islam. One, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Emir Hadzic, joined the service after he fled Yugoslavia. “The way Americans welcomed us made such a huge impression on me that I felt like I owed something back,” Hadzic said. “I thought I would sign up and pay my debt and on behalf of my family.”

Hadzic is still in the Marines, but is concerned about the growing anti-Muslim sentiments. “We used to be a balanced people. We used to be true to our values, but now we’re willing to betray our values because of a sense of fear? That’s not American,” Hadzic said. “What the hell happened to that America I immigrated to?”

Some Muslims serving in the military have taken aim at Donald Trump, the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination who has made many derogatory comments aimed at their faith, including saying Muslims should not be allowed into the United States. “I think what Donald Trump said is completely un-American,” Abdi Akgun, a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps, told The Daily Beast. “It’s completely outrageous. There are a lot of Muslims in this country who have pledged to be an American, that are paying their taxes, and are law-abiding citizens. And for Donald to make statements that are bigoted in nature is … not what…

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