From Torrent Freak:

VKontakte (or Russia’s Facebook as it’s often known) is the largest European social network with 300 million registered users, around a third of which are active. Due to the way it hosts user content largely without question, VK carries huge amounts of infringing movies, music, TV shows.

Like similar sites, vKontakte has groups dedicated to endless regular topics. It also has groups dedicated to movie and TV show piracy inhabited by those looking to obtain content for free. Of course, copyright holders have the ability to take this content down via regular takedown notices, but like their counterparts in the West they’re tired of playing whac-a-mole.

To this end, copyright holders are now teaming up to put vKontakte under pressure to remove entire groups from where infringing content is being made available. Under the immediate spotlight are the ten largest groups specializing in movies and TV shows. They are huge.

Alexei Byrdin of the Internet Video Association informs Russia’s Izvestia that each group has a minimum of one million members while the largest has more than seven million. As a result the rightsholders’ anti-piracy group wants vKontakte to completely take them down.

“We have repeatedly appealed to the groups themselves to remove the content, but the complaints were not satisfied and content continued to be active,” says WebKontrol CEO Olga Valigurskaya, adding that if vKontakte wants to do the right thing it should either delete all the content or remove the groups altogether.

However, vKontakte’s owners over at (who…

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