ONA, W.Va. – West Virginia mother April Stanley believes school officials are playing favorites, and her son is getting the shaft because of it.

Her son wore his Confederate flag t-shirt to Cabell Midland High School Tuesday and school officials made him turn it inside-out and promise not to wear it again, WSAZ reports.

The next day he wore a different Confederate flag t-shirt, and it was the same thing, except he was threatened with suspension if he repeats his defiant behavior, Stanley said.

She believes school officials are infringing on her son’s freedom of speech to protect some students who might take offense to the symbol – one Stanley said her son wants to destigmatize by educating his classmates.

“He believes he should have his freedom of speech,” she said.

“He’s not prejudiced at all,” Stanley said. “It’s not about slavery, and he’s trying to get that point across.”

The mother also quested how school officials determine which symbols are appropriate and which aren’t, because some students are offended by symbols promoted in the school every day.

“There also kids offended by the gay symbols and the gay flag,” Stanley said, noting a framed rainbow poster and peace symbol that hangs outside of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance student club as one example.

The school has 63 student clubs, according to the news site.

District officials supported administrators who warned Stanley’s son, and said a ban on apparel depicting the Confederate flag was implemented two decades ago because…

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