From EAG News:

RIPLEY, Tenn. – A Tennessee mother is furious after an official at her son’s school left her a voicemail in which the woman threatened to kick the 7-year-old, who was caught fighting with one of his classmates.

Tiera Figgs told My Fox Memphis her ADHD son had complained for months about a bullying administrator at Ripley Primary School, but she didn’t believe him until she received a voicemail from the school this week following a fight between the boy and a classmate.

It’s unclear whether the school official intended to leave the message, or whether she inadvertently recorded the conversation after calling Figgs. Regardless, Figgs believes the recording proves the administrator has no business supervising children, and should be terminated.

“If I kicked you with my shoe on, don’t you think it’s going to hurt? Especially if I get right on top of that bone right there,” the school official, who was not identified by the news site, said in the recording. “Don’t you think I could put a good old bruise on you? I think I could. I think I really, really could.”

“Do that crap tomorrow … I’ll make sure it hurts … I’ll make sure it hurts,” the administrator said.

“My son has been coming to me and telling me this over the last three months, and I haven’t paid attention to it,” Figgs said. “I don’t feel like she needs to be in that school, she doesn’t need to be around kids, period.”



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