From Open Secrets:

If campaign contributions are any indication of broader support, members of the military are lining up behind Democrats in the presidential race, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) in the lead.

Individuals listing their employer as the U.S. Department of Defense or one of the branches of the military have given $374,600 to Sanders, more than to any other presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton comes in second behind her Democratic rival at $247,649, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) not far behind and other failed Republican candidates following. Military support for the GOP’s last man standing, Donald Trump, has been in comparatively short supply — just $15,502. The figures include gifts from those who identified themselves as retired servicemembers.

While it may seem surprising that someone who applied for conscientious objector status to avoid serving in Vietnam would be the top choice of military donors, the support for Sanders can be partially explained by demographics,

“It makes sense, if you look at the demographics of the military, that they kind of align with the demographics of those supporting Bernie Sanders,” said Amy Bailey, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago who focuses on military sociology.

The military skews young, with 70 percent of enlisted members under 30, and most come from working class backgrounds, she said. About 35 percent identify as people of color.

A key sticking point for many service members who support Sanders over Clinton is her 2002 vote in the Senate for the war in Iraq, which Sanders voted against, said…

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