From The Washington Post:

When Pence passed through Arizona last month, he paid a personal visit to another loud Donald Trump resister, Sen. Jeff Flake, who had scolded Trump for his incendiary statements during a meeting between the presidential nominee and Republican senators.

Pence’s message to both was the same: Whatever your problems with Trump, the presidential election is a binary choice, and Trump is better than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

As Pence barnstorms the country rallying voters and raising money, the Indiana governor simultaneously is waging another campaign out of public view. He is trying to personally persuade Republican elected officials, business executives and others who view Trump with trepidation or outright hostility to come aboard, or at least soften their objections.

So far, he has been able to tamp down some of the opposition — if not win many converts.

“There are some of us who simply can’t go for the top of the ticket and are very concerned about the implications if we embrace this Trumpism in all its forms,” Flake said in an interview. “He’s not able to get some of us. But he’s giving it the old college try.”

Seven weeks into his role on the national ticket, Pence has emerged as Trump’s evangelist, emissary and explainer to exasperated Republicans. A governor and former House leader with deep establishment connections, Pence serves as a bridge between the GOP’s old order and the populist outsider campaign that has overtaken the party.

Huddling in hotel suites and private airport lounges, and often with his wife, Karen, by his side, Pence tries to assuage concerns about Trump’s …

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