From EAG News:

KELLER, Texas – Students at Bear Creek Intermediate School are learning the ins and outs of the cocaine trade, and parents aren’t very happy about it.

“I felt like they were giving my kid a diagram on how to become a drug dealer,” parent Scott Pick told CBS DFW. “I was shocked by it. It startled me. It took me aback for a second … I grabbed the paper immediately.”

Pick said his son recently missed school with strep throat and received a packet of make-up work for science class about “Following a Sequence” that included the worksheet “The Cocaine Trade: From Field to Street.”

Pick told the site he noticed the worksheet as his son was catching up on his assignments.

“I walked by and noticed that in big b old letters across the front of his assignment it said … cocaine,” Pick said.

The assignment details the cocaine distribution process in six steps:

Drug cartel buys coca paste (made from coca leaves) from a Colombian farmer for $950 per kilo Cartel “drug labs” turn the paste into powdered cocaine. Cartel smuggles cocaine by boat or plane into the U.S. Large distributors buy cocaine from cartel for $25,000 per kilo. Small distributors buy cocaine from large distributors. Small distributors divide the cocaine into tiny amounts to sell “on the street.” Drug abusers buy small packets of cocaine from street dealers (sellers). Buyers pay $87 a gram (a thousandth part of a kilo). Value of a kilo of cocaine on…

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