The Show Me State could become the fourth in the nation to adopt an annual tax holiday for purchases of firearms.

The proposal, pre-filed for the 2016 session by state Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, would drop the state’s sales tax requirements for gun purchases but — unlike in other states — not affect sales of ammo or shooting accessories.

“The one (bill) I’m most excited about is creating a tax holiday for new gun purchases the Saturday following the Fourth of July,” said Taylor, the Springfield News-Leader reported. “You know, making it more affordable for all Missourians to purchase a firearm to protect themselves or their families if they decide.”

Taylor’s legislation, HB 1901, if approved in its current form, would drop the state and any local taxes on gun sales made during the annual one-day holiday. Set to take effect in 2017, the bill has a sunset clause that would end the measure after six years if not extended.

Taylor contends the move could help save lives by making guns more attainable for self-defense. “We’ve seen some recent mass shootings, and there are Missourians who desire to protect their families if the need arises and may not be able to afford it, so I think as a Legislature we should try to do everything we can to make sure it more affordable,” Taylor said.

Not all are pleased with the concept. “There has been no outcry for this,” said state Rep. Stacey Newman, D-Richmond Heights, who contends it will take funds from schools…

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