From ArsTechnica:

California Air Resources Board

Outside of a San Fernando Valley neighborhood northwest of Los Angeles, Southern California Gas Company sprung a leak in one of its natural gas wells on October 23.

Just last night at a Los Angeles City Council meeting, the CEO of the private utility said that it could be three to four months before SoCal Gas can plug the underground leak, which has sent tens of thousands of kilograms of methane per hour seeping up into the air.

According to Reuters, SoCal Gas is one of the biggest gas utilities in the country. Its natural gas storage field at Aliso Canyon is the second biggest storage area in the country after a location in Montana.

The gas leaking up into the air above the well is primarily composed of methane, “a potent greenhouse gas,” the California Air Resources Board (CARB) wrote in a preliminary estimate of emissions published on November 20. “The global warming impact from methane is 25 times and 72 times that of CO2, for equal amounts by weight, over a 100 year and 20 year timespan, respectively,” the report added. “Due to methane’s powerful impact and short life compared to other gases, it represents an…

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