From EAG News:

HARPER WOODS, Mich. – Police arrested an elementary school lunch lady in connection to a bomb threat at Harper Woods High School, and the woman now faces a four-year felony.

Police arrested Ebony Holloway, 28, after she allegedly called Harper Woods High School shortly before 11 a.m. Monday and said she was going to blow up the school, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office told The Detroit News.

“She faces one count of false report of a bomb threat, which carries up to a four-year prison sentence,” the Detroit Free Press reports. “Holloway was arraigned Wednesday and is scheduled for a 1:30 p.m. March 16 preliminary hearing.”

Prosecutors contend Holloway is a lunch assistant at a local elementary school, but would not divulge which school.

News reports do not detail the motivation for the bomb threat. Holloway was given a $25,000 personal bond and was banned from school property at her arraignment, WDIV reports.

Holloway’s employment status is unclear.

Numerous folks sounded off about Holloway’s arrest on Facebook.

“Dumbass wanted a day off work,” Kevin Reddy wrote. “She’s got it now. LOL.”

“Stupid. Just stupid,” Jody Breeze added. “I bet she used her own phone too.”

“Wow the ignorance never ceases to amaze …” Dan Killion posted.

Jason Housner wondered if “she didn’t want to make sloppy joes.”

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