Deontae Yarnell was arrested hours after he fatally shot an intruder he found in his home. (Photo: LMDC)

A 22-year-old Louisville man is facing a murder charge after he shot and killed one of two intruders he found in his home early Saturday morning.

While Deontae Yarnell’s lawyer said he acted in defense of himself and his property, the prosecuting attorney said he crossed the line when he chased the intruder for a full city block before taking his life.

Michelle Clements, who lives next to Yarnell, said she saw the two suspects moments before the shooting occurred and right away knew they were up to no good.

“I seen two guys walk by and they had their hoodies on with their hoods up, which really looked weird since it’s summer time and it was hot out,” she told WLKY. “I took my dog and I immediately went in the house and locked the door because they looked like they were getting ready to rob someone.”

Less than five minutes later, Clemens heard several gunshots. A little while later, one of the suspects was pronounced dead about a block away and by morning Yarnell was behind bars, charged with the suspect’s death.

Yarnell told police that he came home just after midnight and discovered the two suspects had broken into his home. He fired at them as he chased them out of the house, but continued to follow one for an entire block. As the suspect attempted to…

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