From Reuters:

Police officers conduct a manhunt after a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California December 2, 2015. Reuters/Mike Blake

At age 28, Syed Rizwan Farook inspected restaurants and public pools. A Muslim, he was from a self-described religious but modern California family. But on Wednesday, he and Tashfen Malik, 27, left their infant daughter with Farook’s mother, put on black assault-style clothing, armed themselves and launched the deadliest U.S. shooting spree in three years.

The couple stormed a holiday party attended by his San Bernardino County co-workers, killing 14 people and wounding 21 in what appeared to be a planned attack before dying in a shootout with police, leaving a shaken community with few clues to deduce a motive for the carnage.

A U.S. citizen born in Illinois, Farook worked as a county environmental health specialist, inspecting restaurants and swimming pools for health violations, according to authorities and a website that tracks public employees.

While he appeared not to have profiles on such popular social media sites as Facebook and LinkedIn, Farook was registered on at least three online dating sites. It was unclear when he had created those profiles.

On, a site for Arab singles “looking for dating, friendship and love,” Farook described himself as single, “Allah fearing,” calm, thoughtful and simple.

“I try to live as a good Muslim,” he wrote.

Farook said he was looking for a “girl who has the same outlook,” who wears a hijab – the head covering worn in…

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