From Torrent Freak:

Late last week millions of pirates cheered behind their computers as the “screener season” finally got underway.

High quality copies of some of the hottest Hollywood productions appeared online, with some titles even beating their official theatrical release.

Just a few hours ago, on Christmas day, another prominent DVD screener was uploaded to various torrent sites, James Bond’s ‘Spectre.’ (nfo).

The torrent first appeared on several private sites before it leaked to more public venues such as The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, where thousands of users welcome the unexpected Christmas gift.

At the time of writing over more than 10,000 people are sharing a copy of the leaked screener, which is bound to hit over a million downloads before the end of the weekend.

Screenshot from the leaked Spectre screener

For Hollywood, however, the latest leak is casting a dark shadow over the festive season.

A lot has been said and done about the first leaks appeared a week ago. The FBI is trying to catch the perpetrators and hs already traced The Hateful Eight leak back to a Hollywood executive.

In addition, various movie companies have started to issue thousands of takedown requests in the hope that this will prevent at least some people from downloading their films without permission.

What it truly unique about the recent leaks, however, is that most can be traced to the same source: The Hive and CM8.

Hive-CM8 is a so-called release “group,” but not one that belongs to The Scene. Instead…

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