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Potential Leak of Classified Air Force Data on Bomber Contract Protest

Confidential information about a competition for a next-generation U.S. bomber should not have appeared in a Forbes magazine article and the Pentagon is looking into the matter, according to Reuters

Boeing and Lockheed Martin in November contested the Air Force’s $80 million contract with Northrop Grumman to develop the new long-range strike bomber.

Forbes contributor Loren Thompson, chief operating officer of the Lexington Institute think tank, published a column on the magazine’s website Nov. 6, the day the protest was filed. Northrop’s cost to develop the plane was roughly twice what the competing industry teams had bid, he wrote.

The level of detail in the column raised concerns given the classified nature of the bomber program, according to three sources interviewed by Reuters.

200,000 Children Are Among the Victims in VTech Data Breach

A hacker claiming responsibility for the attack allegedly gained access to the gadget and toy company’s database through a technique known as a SQL injection, in which hackers type malicious commands into a website’s user text box, tricking it into returning other data.

The hacker was then able to break into VTech’s web and database servers, where they had full system access.

Personal information on almost 5 million parents and more than 200,000 kids was compromised.

“What’s worse, it’s possible to link the children to their parents, exposing the kids’ full identities and where they live,…

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