From EAG News:

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. – On Friday Nov. 19, parents of first, second and third-graders in the Mount Horeb school district were sent a letter, informing them that their children would be read the book “I Am Jazz” on Monday Nov. 23, and would participate in a discussion of the book afterward.

The book, written for children, is focused on the life of transgendered teen Jazz Jennings.

School officials noted that they had been working with the family of one transgendered student. The purpose of the reading, they claimed, was to promote diversity and a “safe and nurturing environment” for all students.

The letter instructed parents to contact the school if they had any objections and wanted their child excused from the event. But that offer only came with with one business day’s notice, the letter said.

One concerned parent contacted the The Liberty Counsel, a Florida non-profit, which in turn sent a letter to the president of the Mount Horeb school board, threatening a federal lawsuit if the book reading went forward.

School administrators heeded that warning.

In a statement they said they had “chosen not to proceed as originally planned and allow the Board of Education the opportunity to review the needs of all involved, and address a situation for which the District has no current policy.”

The Liberty Counsel is concerned about the rights of the majority of students and their parents, who may be uncomfortable with the idea of teaching kids that transgender people…

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