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This week, Kim Dotcom tweeted this photo, with the tagline: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”Kim Dotcom Megaupload Judge to Dotcom: No more delays, make your case to block extradition Nearly 4 years after raid, Dotcom loses bid to delay extradition hearing Kim Dotcom appeals US seizure of his millions, jet skis, and more Kim Dotcom gets to keep his millions, cars, and jet skis, for now Why Kim Dotcom hasn’t been extradited 3 years after the US smashed Megaupload View all…

On Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday, Auckland time) a New Zealand judge ordered that founder Kim Dotcom and his co-defendants should be extradited to the United States to face criminal charges over alleged massive copyright infringement on his now-shuttered site, Megaupload.

The judgement, which almost certainly will be appealed, sets the stage for the winding down of Dotcom’s tenacious years-long legal fight against the American judicial system.

As Ira Rothken, Dotcom’s California-based lawyer, tweeted:

The @KimDotcom team looks forward to having the US request for extradition reviewed in the High Court.We have no other comments at this time

— Ira Rothken (@rothken) December 23, 2015

American authorities allege that the “Mega Conspiracy…generated more than $175 million in criminal proceeds…

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