From Torrent Freak:

I thought this Christmas I would recount with you some of my experiences over the last four years to help bolster debate on what is an appropriate role for government in the Internet copyright policy debate between Hollywood and Internet technologies.

I continue to have hope that the New Year will bring freedom for my colleagues and me, hope to millions of others striving for fair and predictable rules governing the Internet, and wisdom to political leaders for making good decisions on whether and how armed police forces and government spies should be utilized in Internet copyright matters.

1. Raid and Seizure of Nearly Everything

It has been almost four years since helicopters and paramilitary police officers descended on my peaceful mansion in Coatesville, New Zealand.

As a personal birthday gift from the United States government, armed with automatic weapons, side harms, bullet-proof vests and attack dogs, they pulled my pregnant wife, infant children, staff and friends out into the cold morning air to make a Hollywood spectacle of an arrest that could have been executed with a simple knock on my door.

So began my first-hand education in the high-stakes game of international copyright law, extradition treaties, global politics and the power Hollywood wields through the U.S. government.

Just after the raid my attorney, Ira Rothken, aptly stated that the government was acting like a “copyright extremist” by taking down one of the world’s largest cloud storage services “without any notice or chance for Megaupload to be heard in…

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