From ArsTechnica:

Life 360 co-founders Chris Hulls and Alex Haro.Life360

Family networking service Life360 won a patent trial earlier this year against a Florida company called Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) that sued it for patent infringement. Now it has won a significant chunk of its legal fees for fighting the case.

Yesterday, US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks ordered AGIS to pay Life360 the sum of $684,190.25. That amount represents the legal fees paid from November 21, 2014, when Middlebrooks issued a claim construction order, through the end of the trial on March 13, 2015.

“This was an exceptionally weak case, especially with respect to the asserted method claims, which were the only claims remaining after claim construction,” wrote Middlebrooks in his fee order (PDF). “Every claim could only be performed by multiple users, even though infringement requires that “a single party performed each and every step of the claim.” He continued:

These Parties never competed, never lost business to each other, indeed had never heard of each other before AGIS lawyers sent a demand letter to Life360, a startup company that, while showing promise, had never made a profit. The letter demanded that Life360 either negotiate a royalty or shut down its service… While…

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